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Day Star Research:

To learn about Day Star's outreach, how we developed our present strategies and projects, and how you can take part, read Ending the War on Science and Culture, a photo-(and cartoon-) filled letter from Fred Heeren.

First, a brief introduction by Jay Unruh, Ph.D., Research Scientist in Cellular Biophysics and Day Star Board Member:

Day Star's founder, Fred Heeren, is a science journalist who has written for Nature, New Scientist, Science NOW, Scientific American, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washingon Post — and he has contributed chapters to the college textbooks Understanding Human Origins and McGraw-Hill's Physical Anthropology. I'm not aware of any other Christian who has established himself as a reputable science journalist in so many top-tier publications who is also so dedicated to reversing Christianity's current reputation for anti-intellectualism.

My generation is characterized by a deep skepticism of the church and, by extension, the message of Christ. Fred applauds our skepticism, but asks us to distinguish between what Jesus taught and the opposite practices of many today who use his name. This organization is in a unique position to reach this crucial demographic in a way that will help keep another generation of Christians from participating in a "holy war" on mainstream science. We hope you'll join us in speeding the day when Christians will be science promoters, not science opponents — peacemakers, not culture warriors.

After reading Fred's letter we hope you will share our excitement about the steps we're ready to take, and will consider supporting our outreach financially and sharing our work with others.

Printed copies of this letter are available in booklet form. To request your free copy simply click here.

Day Star Research is overseen by the members of our Board of Directors, who express their deep commitment to the success of our mission through their effective management of our resources.

The members of our Advisory Board provide counsel to our governing members, and like them are committed to our success.